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Smart Contract

Solidified is the #1 full-audit service for smart contracts

Solidified has the largest (150+) community of Solidity experts
and incorporates all stages of technical due diligence into a
single platform so you can bulletproof your smart contract.




Auto-detection of
contract complexity




Bug dispute


discussion boards



The Solidified Process

Securing smart contracts is a multi-step process. It involves
performing a 1:1 audit with multiple highly competent experts,
fixing discovered issues, then posting your contract on bounty
with an entire community and finally, staking an incentive
on a deployed contract.

premium contract


1:1 Review

Multiple independent auditors perform an isolated and unbiased 1:1 audit of your smart contracts, followed by a debrief on discovered issues. A final report is then compiled from consensus made by the group.

premium contract


Bug Prediction Market

Allow auditors, devs and authors to wager their money and reputation on security of smart contracts. Currently in development.

Create trust in your ICO or DApp

Earn the Solidified Stamp

The Solidified stamp is awarded only to
those contracts that pass all stages of
audit and fix all reported Critical and
Major issues. Show it proud!

You’re in good company

These DApps and ICOs have already been audited on Solidified.

Recent Events

May 2018

Speaker on Smart Contract Security

// Ethereum Security Meetup, Prague Czech Republic

Apr 2018

Speaker on Security Audits

// ICO Festival, Munich

Feb 2018

Partnered with Iconiq Lab

// Audit partner of Iconiq Lab

Dec 2017

Live Demo Presentation

// TechCrunch Disrupt, Berlin

Nov 2017

Guest Attendee

// Ethereum DevCon 3

Nov 2017

Panelist on Cryptocurrency

// Harvard Business School

Nov 2017

EthDev Judge

// Hackathon on /r/EthDev

Oct 2017

Speaker on Crypto Security

// Boston Crypto Meetup

Sept 2017

Partnered with State of the DApps

// Announced on Medium

Aug 2017

Winner of the Top-10 Startup Award

// Hypethon ICO
Solidified in the media

We partner with the best

state of the dapps

We partnered with State of the DApps to display a Solidified badge on DApps that have successfully passed all stages of audit on our platform.

state of the dapps

IconiqLab is a well-known ICO accelerator program and we are proud to be selected as their primary audit partner.


We partnered with them to develop communication strategies that say the right thing, at the right time, at the right spot.

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We have a vibrant slack
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