Audit Platform
For Smart Contracts

Introducing Solidified, a platform for crowd-sourced review of smart contracts, where any developer can bring their contract for a comprehensive quality review with our large network of verified blockchain experts.

We help developers and stakeholders confirm the quality and security of their smart contracts in a transparent, affordable way.

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Peer review with trusted experts

Solidified takes its name from Solidity language and carries the spirit of “hardening” your code through many iterations of peer-review. Our expert commmunity reviews your code for intended behavior, security, Solidity construct usage, best practices, and more, so you can have a sense of confidence in your contract.

Experts range from blockchain veterans who co-founded the early protocols, to Solidity programmers in finance and law who understand the industry specifics.

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Why you need to review [DAO Hack | Parity | Veritaseum]

Decentralized code can be exceedingly hard to get right.

With complexities of a new type of programming environment even seasoned developers make mistakes.

Unit testing and tooling validation can help you verify basic correctness, but Solidified contracts benefit from a more comprehensive and standardized audit process by using crowdsourcing to ensure the audit is unbiased, reputable and verified by multiple independent reviewers.

First reputable source of
Smart Contract quality

We’ve developed Solidified with a Certification Standard in mind, which combines a technical score and subjective analytics signals sourced by community voting. We require all experts go through a standardized review process, which combines verification of correctness, compliance, security, a comprehensive checklist of known pitfalls and attack vectors, Solidity design patterns and best practices.

The Ethereum community recognizes that errant smart contracts (and resulting losses and controversy) damage the technology’s reputation. By letting the community experts dictate the technical reputation of Smart Contracts, and providing a more affordable way to audit, we increase the chances that issues will be caught prior to deployment.

How it Works

Register your contract, select reward levels,
and get ready for a thorough review of your code.

  • Developer
    Uploads a Contract

    Drag & Drop your files, fill out the Spec of Intended Behavior and provide your testing history

  • Developer
    Deposits Funds, Sets Rewards

    Transfer deposit (ETH|BTC) to Escrow and select the bounty amounts you're willing to pay (don't worry, we'll help you decide based on your contract complexity and market demand average)

  • Experts
    Inspect the contract

    Depending on complexity and reward amount, it can take up to 48 hours for our experts to engage with your contract.

  • Experts
    Standardized Review and Issue Claims

    Once engaged, experts perform a comprehensive review based on Solidified Verification Standard that provides a base technical score for the contract. Issue claims to Critical, Major and minor bugs found are reported back to the developer.

  • Developer
    Reviews Reports, Confirms Claims

    Acknowledging an issue automatically releases the bounty payout from the escrow account to the first reviewer who reported it. 7-day grace period is given to contest findings and a community-based Dispute Resolution process is initiated in case of a disagreement.

  • Developer
    Incorporates the Feedback

    By fixing the code and making the merged PR publicly available on Solidified.

  • Experts
    Solidify the Contract

    Upon final review of incorporated changeset, the Experts choose to give a Solidified stamp to your contract


Eduard Kotysh

Founder & CEO

Founding Architect at Glassdoor
Head of Engineering in Social Robotics
Director and Sr. Manager veteran
M.S. Computer Science, Washington University in St. Louis

Robert Hohman

Business Adviser

Founder & CEO, Glassdoor
President at Hotwire
Board member at OpenTable

Rob Hitchens

Founding Adviser

Ethereum Trainer
CTO at VoltMarkets, Ethereum Energy Trading Platform

Alexander Rysenko


Lead Developer, Waverley
Tech Lead, SilverTree Systems

Boleslav Prokofiev

Full-stack Developer

Lead Developer, Qualtie

Rob Stone

Head of Design

UI/UX Designer, Designation Labs
UI/UX Designer, Jibo

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